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Please only bid if you have excellent knowledge of finding such domains. Hi there, Im a SAP developer and need to have my own dev system for personal use in a cloud environment. Need a basis guy to install it and later provide me support for connections and stuff. I would like to maximize the amount of Big Rigs in the designated area and also sallow space for Rigs to maneuver in and out the shop and parking.

website design packages due to an environmenterror

This is my first time doing a projec… Excellent collaboration and communication skills. At least 7 year…and communication skills. At least 7 years of experience in Java/J2EE and related technologies with solid understanding of design principles. Experience with front-end technologies such as Angular, TypeScript, ReactJS and related technologies would be a plus. Experience with implementing integration solutions with Microservices, RESTful Web Services and Web APIs.

And this will be a regular work, Quote your best rate. Need a PCB Gerber file made from schematic. The website should have its own admin wallet for deposit and withdrawal and also create and could have virtual wallets, for each new registered user of the site. The site is never to make a losing transaction and should be able to run by itself making profitable transactions without human oversight… New class will be like box on dashboard. Their will be classes for 5 subjects ONLY.

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It is necessary to analyze the fluid-structure-seismic insulator interaction. At the base of the tank with seismic isolator, there are 2 types of seismic isolators, which must be modeled in 3D, with programmed connector elements that determine the hysteresis of the seismic isolator. There are 20 “red color” type seismic isolators and 11 “blue color” type seismic isolators….

I put number or email in bulk like 10 email or 10 phone no. , So in all 10 mobiles application automatically install. For you to develop and launch a game that could have those NFTs linked to that game. I would also like you to give me an idea of how long it would take you to develop and launch such a game. I would like that game to be able to be played in a web browser across all tablet and mobile devices …

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website design packages due to an environmenterror

I will take more than 1 person When you contact me, prepare a 15 second audio clip selling me something, ANYTHING. It’s a small job, for my own purposes, but I don’t have the skills yet, to make it, so i would love , if somone could help me. I need someone to create a cutting file for cnc machine, for plywood and cardboard. The directory ‘/Users/david/Library/Caches/pip’ or its parent directory is not owned by the current user and caching wheels has been disabled. Check the permissions and owner of that directory.

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I want to create a simple fashion product configurator in react native such that when a user clicks on an item of clothing, the same item appears on a model. Please add “configurator” at the beginning of your bid to ensure that you read this. We are a recruitment technology business helping companies to attract and find the best candidates by building beautifully efficient websites. The potential for these are huge and while we’ve seen subscriptions continually increase, the scope of development is very exciting, we want to be the market leader in Candidate Attraction Technologies. The role consists in installing and configuring websites built with WordPress, bringing our design team’s vision to life. You should be comfortable converting quality designs from flat files, usually created with Figma into beautiful, interactive and user-friendly websites.

Once all is ok, we can work on a design theme for the floor plan. I need to fix fonts, background colors, etc in a project I already have, I need to launch the website on Monday so need this fixed over the weekend. I’m expecting this to be 1 or 2 hours of work for someone very conversant with Figma. Develop an Android smartphone application that displays colours of a flag on a screen and can change to the specific colour when that colour on the screen is tapped.

This should be relatively simple, with something like libcamera-hello -t 0, however the camera in question is not compatible with libcamera as it is MJPG and not YUV420. The camera in use is this – as it needs to be very small for the application. I can get the camera to display in some libraries, most noteably using luvcview, but this has nasty borders and the frame rate is low. We are looking to have a short animation of one of the attached images/ sculptures transitioning into our logo. So it would start as the mother and child sculpture image and then it would transition/ transform into our logo.

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Open to suggestions with other colors and would like to see spelled out in print or cursive. Would like to see the dot on top of the i in Envision be an eye. When I have a Bluetooth headset connected notifications come through the earbuds. However, I usually don’t have my earbuds in so I don’t here them. I need an app that will make the notifications chime through the phone speakers even when the Bluetooth headset is hooked up. I can find apps that will make the phone ring through the speaker but not the notifications.

User on mobile devices cannot connect their wallet. The task would be to fix this issue such that people can connect their wallets using MetaMask and WalletConnect. For people that have worked on web3 projects, this should be quite easy.

website design packages due to an environmenterror

So now i want to make the same functions on different technology like laravel or core php.could you also put the plain plugin in the WP while you work in case? We therefore would like a proper offer for doing an ecommerce that works just like ours, with … I developed a small website that allows the users to play a P2E game more efficiently. To connect their wallet, the users can use MetaMask or WalletConnect. Everything works fine if a user is on a desktop computer but on a mobile device, there seems to be an issue.

The guy who drank coca-cola sees people inviting him to join. Still, people are encouraging him to join but he feels shy. Then in the atmosphere of such happiness, the guy hears the sound of a horn. And he comes out of his fiction world and find himself in the m… Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers needed to work with composers in the music industry to create lyrical poetry to be used for songwriting, poetry and rap.

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Need someone to learn me hetzner, and setup about the same type of VPS i have at the momment . Also you need to know PLESK since plesk is going to be installed in the VPS. Please only Hetzner and plesk experts.

The guy goes into his imagination and sees people dancing in joy. Also, people who are going home from work are dancing. People spread over the street and enjoy every moment.

We need to create a certain number of .gLTF files from an .obj file. The .obj has the 3D structure and the material file. Please check in this link an example of the result model When you are in the configurator, you can download the 3D object file and the material as well. We need a .gLTF file which contains both and that can be uploaded in an NFT for the metaverse and Open Sea as well. We need the price for one piece as an example, and if the job is well done we will do around 20 pieces.

Hello, I bought a Multi Vendor Salon App Template – and installed everything as recommended and choosed also the server as they provide. Everything seems to work fine, but there is one error when I try to place a booking on app. Could someone help me to fix the issue?

We’re looking for a programmer to assist our CTO in cleaning up our current code, and adding several more features. We intend to first pay by the hour so both parties can fully understand the scope of the project, then evolve to a mutually-agreed price per project. 1.I’m looking for experienced flutter developers who have good knowledge in a flutter framework and dart language. Have MAC to push the app on the app store and play store.

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You must will speak Spanish and English as most of our contractors speak Spanish and all our customers sp… Hi I’m looking for somebody who could design a basic company logo. I would like to have it in the same style as the attached logo in terms of font. I would like to have not only the png files but also the file of the adobe software u used.

I have a 10 minute audio tape that requires transcription. The first 4 minutes is really bad , the last 6 minutes is audible. I have had it sound engineered in 4 pitches. It requires someone with patience to listen carefully. If it is delivered in Words to us, we can maybe fill in the missing pieces. Happy to forward recording to interested parties that have the time to do a good job.

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I like it but it doesn’t have that appeal I’m seeking. I’m not sure if it can be redesigned or just create a new design altogether. I represent a small business that specializes in landscape irrigation.

Again, the website is finished, I just need to fix that single issue. The code should be written in JavaScript (like the rest of the client-side code). The server-side code is written in Python and Flask but this would only be important …

I’ve made the website by myself but it’s not professional. I have a 1.6 Mb Tif file letter-head and I need it converted into a Microsoft Word format. It is a high quality image with our logo at the top right and or contact details at the bottom. I need it converted into a Microsoft Word Template so that staff can type into it then print/email it and have our Logo/Contact info contained in the letter. It needs to be formatted in such a way that the users cannot over-type the Logo or Contact info.

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The candidate needs to be experienced in database technology, distributed computing and building scalable solutions. This work is to build a technology demonstrator for a massively scalable online simulation project. The best way of explaining this is the game Asteroids but a vast multiplayer world. The solution needs to use open-source software only where possible. The simulation consists of a single large persistant 2d world.

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Refer to the uploaded file for sample post . Advertisement Plot- A guy comes from the office and seems to be tired and stressed. Later he goes out for a walk and finds some people enjoying cole over chit-chat. The guy goes to a vending machine and put a coin in the machine and get his can of coke.

  • I am looking for a spokes person with English or Australian accent who can create a video with professional suite and able to overlay texts and backgrounds etc.
  • Camera usage beyond what’s mounted on a drone.
  • You may use the standard library for your chosen language freely, but not other third-party libraries.
  • I need some freelancers to assist me longterm for several projects because, quite frankly, handling my workload has become increasingly difficult over the past few years.
  • I need 3000 words reflective literature review document for or against the topic “Covid 19 vaccinations should be mandatory for all members of the population over the age of 18 years” 2.
  • Please create the lots and have them numbered.

User can view products close to him through the Maps feature The user can see the statistics of each product in terms of number of views and others. The user can communicate with customers through the messaging service. The user can connect the products directly and confirm the delivery process via barcode feature.

We are looking for experienced designers who could help us make our dream come true. The price comparison website is fully automatic . We need someone to code the entire website, so the website will connect to our affiliate partners and look for the product live and show prices.

I need assistance to install Snipe-IT on ubuntu 20.04LTS with lets encrypt. Fix laravel issue, And Need to create two more inputs for file upload. Fix larvel issue , And Need to create two more input for file upload. We need to install in Google Tag manager a new E-commerce module for a Travel site. We need to report all the transaction data, including the diffrent money exchange rates to receive in Google analytics only one coin data.

website design packages due to an environmenterror

I need the attached logo created into an .AI fileThe YEAR in the cup can be blank . Traffic stand can give you important information that can ensure your safety and the safety of thoseAround you and awareness of road rules can lower chance of accident. Over 15,0000 people in India are killed every year due to traffic accident.

  • We are looking for News Clips / Explainer Video Creator to create News minute news…
  • Even though the pilots are being as careful as possible, the cadets keep vomiting during the flights.
  • I’m looking for someone to write a script.
  • If you return purchased items, return your gift-with-purchase or you will be charged for your gift-with-purchase.
  • Looking to explore whatever possibilities I can, I was also wondering if it would be possible to attach steel cables to the far side to remove all posts, but not sure of the feasibility.
  • Please only bid if you have excellent knowledge of finding such domains.

Our company is called and our logos that we currently use are attached. I am looking for a total of six different t shirt designs. In the designs, you can incorporate the logos attached or choose not to. You can modify the logos as long as it still looks like our brand. Our brand uses the colors attached which are a blueish-teal, dark grey, white, and black. I would like some shirt designs this color but it does not have to be this color.