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For a full list of winners in various categories with project details and design reviews, visit Best Design Awards. Cole concludes by recommending DesignRush to agencies looking to boost their marketing efforts and reach new markets worldwide. We carefully follow Google’s latest updates to be sure that our services always comply with their guidelines and have a strict ethical policy regarding the clients we work with.

Considering 72.9% of all eCommerce sales will happen on mobile devices, adding a simple layout, such as infinite scrolling, can contribute to your website’s conversion rate. This website takes a creative approach to interactivity to create an unusual design that helps capture the users’ attention. Users can play with the MAD logo, move objects around, and more. As a result, they stay longer on the site, see it as a leading-edge company they can trust for creative work, and are more likely to connect with it for business.

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Product packaging designed after a thorough market & audience research creates a memorable design. For instance, the packaging design for a toy will be colorful, bright, and playful; while a gadget will need a sophisticated design with sleek logos and graphics. A perfect Package design is that which is designed as per the latest packaging design trends is perhaps the only way for products to keep being relevant. The online design studio is easy to use if you want to create your packaging from scratch.

  • Honey was used in Ancient China, the Middle East, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire to coat fruits and flowers to preserve them or to create forms of candy.
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  • They live in San Francisco and like the beach, Domino’s pizza, and growth marketing.
  • We also factor in how well they communicate with clients and meet deadlines.

Based on your specifications, dozens of designers create original samples, you give feedback and pick your favorite. Despite this disadvantage, it is used by many designers to design the packaging of different products. It can also be availed free of cost by using different websites to download the free version.

What products need Packaging Design?

Customers can find out how to recycle their bags by referencing the How2Recycle® label on each of our bags. Kohl’s has implemented an Environmental, Health and Safety Information Management System for all stores and distribution centers. This EHS data visualization platform records data for safety and environmental compliance, training compliance and overall performance compliance.

Do you browse through packaging websites and blog pages to get inspiration? This project, launched in 2008, offers light and cool content using a very informal tone. This online magazine, launched in February 2011, celebrates worldwide creative talents. Its daily doses of art, design, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, and fashion will astound you for originality and variety. A lot of attention is given to detail and in presenting each project.


Ask for examples of successful solutions in your business field. If possible, find out the contacts of company executives who have already contacted the agency. Research not only the attractiveness of the design presented by a packaging design company but also the effectiveness of implementing new packaging in terms of sales growth. At Flower Press Creative Studio in Seattle, we design for people. We empower businesses to create better products that live up to customers’ expectations. Zrix (IT & Software designing and development service provider) has been offering its services since 2006 to all business segments and niches, regardless of their geographic location.

Or “packaging design”, there will be a lot of packaging design works, scrolling down the page seems to have endless packaging design projects and works. Today’s Internet world is really wonderful, full of resources and tutorials, as well as amazing packaging design. But sometimes, too many choices can be confusing, so here are some top foreign packaging design resource websites to help you really master it. As you enter this site, you will experience new ideas, concepts, projects, techniques, professionals, and artistic expression. Founded by Kristina de Verdier in 2008, this packaging design blog’s mission is to bring you carefully selected new material. World of Sweet Box packaging designs and devotion for packaging concept.

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You can find related packaging design works in almost all categories here. The items are all cataloged, and the website has a side navigation bar, which is convenient for you to search for related works, resources, and materials according to the type you need. Mindsparkle promotes outstanding projects in graphic design, branding, photography, art, interior and product design, and architecture.

Hughes Design Group is a strategic brand design firm specializing in packaging design and brand identity. Brand Packaging offers insight on how to successfully create strategic branding through package design. When design and packaging work together brands are elevated from a commodity to an expression of a consumer’s lifestyle. Brand Packaging gives brand owners, designers, suppliers, and marketers information on innovation and design by covering topics, trends, news pertaining to consumer packaged goods. Transforming packaging custom boxes, candy wrappers and fast-food packaging into augmented experiences, AI, and digital games are all upcoming trends in packaging. Fibre-based materials, robotic, intelligent or smart packaging’s along with 3D printing are a new way of latest updates.

Great packaging shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Packaging communicates all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your best packaging tell your brand’s story. We hope that, after reading this guide, you found inspiration from some of the best designed websites in the world. If you have any web design ideas or additional examples, let us know in the comments below.

Watch our demo video here to know more about how we can help you. Penji is an unlimited graphic design service that can provide you with all the packaging designs you need. Our flat monthly rates mean you only pay a single fee every month.

The company is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Zrix is a leading custom software and application development company in Raleigh, NC, USA. We offer cost-effective services worldwide with the best quality developing blockchain technologies. Our team became the first Russian Premium Supporting partner in 2013 as well. We’ve got the experience of working as designers for Barcelona DrupalCon 2015 and Dublin DrupalCon 2016. We keep progressing in order to come up with the best solutions for our clients.

You can search for design solutions based on category, country, student work, popular, etc., which caters to everyone who is interested in packaging design. This is a very good, very eye-catching packaging design resource website. Pro Printing Services provides premium quality and customized packaging solutions to clients in North America at affordable prices. The european packaging design association is the leading European network uniting internationally minded designers and agencies who value contact and interaction with peers. began in 2007 with the goal of helping small businesses succeed through exceptional packaging.

If we talk about Kinderjoy then as per their target audience they have created their packaging and the product as well. They have used the best design, and fun elements that create curiosity among kids to purchase more. Coupled with fun names, these beers have illustrations on the packaging that are inspirational when creating any beer packaging ideas.

To help you choose the best web design for your company, we created an infographic with the best design tips and trends for 2021. The BASIC® Culture Manual website was the Webby Awards 2020 winner of the employment award, given to websites that feature job and employment listings, services, or information. Top-performing U.S. Bank NexBank’s website features Institutional, Commercial, and Mortgage Banking services. This website offers an engaging experience thanks to 3D path transitions and the use of animation.

In fact, that is just the beginning of the process of marketing yourself. Here is a guide to themarketing portfolio sample, which will be helpful in highlighting our skills and achievements. Get active on social media platforms, start posting your work on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Facebook with links back to your website. Create your profile and share portfolio works on Dribble, Behance, and other such showcase platforms. Add a blog to your website to let people know what you’re working on and share behind-the-scenes experiences of your life as a designer. Write about ongoing projects and experiments that you pursue in your free time.

He is most inspired by children’s drawings because they break all the rules and are made with such sincerity. I really love how she’s used the entire packaging to tell a story with a combination of beautiful graphic and illustration elements. ASTRID PACKAGING, specialized in manufacturing dedicated and designing customized bottle stoppers. The phrase like taking candy from a baby is a common simile, and means that something is very easy to do. Adults worry that other people will use candy to poison or entice children into harmful situations. Stranger danger warnings include telling children not to take candy from strangers, for fear of the child being abducted.

Be sure your product packaging catches the eyes of your customers and prospects. Exotic products often need packaging that is appealing and distinct. Enticing packages will help in promoting such products better. Be it an exotic fruit that is rare to find, or a special perfume or any stunning packaging design that increases the interest of consumers in your product.

It is a technique where designers put in everything extreme to make the Packaging stand out through bold fonts, neon shades with intense minimalistic appeals overall. Team members have the deep industry knowledge and provide their expertise in creative design, technology, strategy, and user experience. HeavyTask, LLC based in Dallas, TX, serves a variety of clientele all over the world. Finoit is a proven custom software development company that helps startups and enterprises build quality software to achieve growth and scale. Full-service software development company founded in 1997 with over 500 motivated developers worldwide.

  • Perhaps one of the more all-inclusive classes on this list is this Udemy pick.
  • It provides the best content for reading on web, Mobile and Tablet Devices.
  • Today’s Internet world is really wonderful, full of resources and tutorials, as well as amazing packaging design.
  • On our LinkedIn profile, you can see who will be working on your project, i.e. get to know members of our team, from junior developers to project managers.
  • We have created a detailed portfolio for you to see what products have been released by our specialists.

We cover industry news, sustainable packaging news, design trends, and host our own packaging conferences, package design events, and Dieline packaging design awards. These certifications are communicated on product packaging as well as on in the product details section. As time moves ahead, we have to leave back a lot of things behind the lane and look forward to new things to do. Same happens with 2020 and now for packaging design trends 2022 ; customers prefer recent changes as per the latest trends. Study the ratings of packaging design companies, choose companies with prices that match your capabilities.

For reference, an order of 250 standard shipping boxes that are 12”x12”x12” would cost $5.16 per box. Prices are based on the type of box, the dimensions and the quantity you choose. For reference, an order of 200 standard shipping boxes that are 12”x12”x12” would cost $5.53 per box.

Elegant and exquisite, the designs capture the brand’s vision of giving a taste of excellent chocolates without remorse. You can feel the playfulness, curiosity, and overall authenticity of the brand. All in all, the packaging design tells us that this is a brand we can trust. It’s adorable and impactful with its strong sense of inclusivity. Instead, there is an online form you can fill out, and they’ll send you a quotation. They offer phone support during business hours if you’re interested in knowing the prices.

Having an online portfolio website is better than a physical portfolio because it is much more accessible and shareable. Portfolio websites make it easier for you to promote and market yourself as a designer. Brook Perryman’s graphic design portfolio website is a perfect example of how a graphic designer should approach her portfolio website. Brandon Perez’s Graphic Design Online PortfolioBrandon Perez’s graphic design online portfolio does a great job of showing his diverse range upfront on the home page. Brandon uses an eye-catching green and greyscale colour combination with strong typography to create a high recall value.

We wrap up by checking whether agencies implement packaging design strategies with safety, functionality, convenience, protection, brand recognition, communication, budget, and ROI in mind. In this step, we get up close and personal with the package design companies. We conduct interviews with their leaders and teams to find out more about their skills, structure, work ethics, manner of operation, and culture.

We also like that you can see your price quote before placing the order. There’s no need to work with a representative or wait around for a price quote. The Custom Boxes is your one-stop-shop for all things custom packaging.

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On the website, users can choose between a winter tour and a summer tour to explore the village’s apartments and ski areas through a 360-degree panoramic virtual tour. What makes this website one of the best-designed websites in the world is the 360-degree views it offers, which allow users to feel like they’re part of the experience. Pixpa is an easy, all-in-one portfolio website builder for photographers & creators to create portfolio websites with a built-in online store, blog, and client galleries. This is where you talk about yourself, your interests and inspirations and how you started off in your field. Your “About Me” page should give an idea of the kind of person you are to work with. Given the choice to choose between two people with the same skills and experience, clients typically hire the person that they “like” better.

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Although the website isn’t updated often when it is the content is on-trend and innovative. Again, this is a fantastic place to better understand current trends and to learn more about how other brands are designing their products. NOME, a graphic design agency, offers graphic design, logo, marketing strategy, packaging design, and more. is a Miami Beach, Florida-based graphic design agency. Launched in 2007, the team offers graphic design, print design, logo, and packaging design.